Días de cierre año 2024

ABRIL: día 30
MAYO: días 1 y 2
JULIO: día 30
AGOSTO: día 19
DICIEMBRE: días 24, 25 y 31 y 1 de enero 2025

Closing days on 2024

APRIL: the 30th
MAY: the 1st and 2nd
JULY: the 30th
AUGUST: the 19th
DECEMBER: the 24th, 25th and 31st and January the 1st, 2025

Menu Chuka Ramen

Bao buns

roast pork belly

Hoisen, cucumber kimchi, peanut crunch

9 €

x v c z a j s l f

korean fried chicken

Gochujang, gingeroli

10 €

x v c j s

tiger shrimp

In terrine, satay sauce, cilantro

9 €

x v c z a s l d k f


Charred spring onion and radish

8 €

x v s f

soft shell crab

Old bay kewpie mayo, jalapeño, micro salad

10,5 €

x v c z s l d k f b


Sauerkraut, horseradish

12 €

x v c z s l k g f


gyoza of dry-aged beef and aji amarillo

Chufa style, a little bit spicy

13 €

x z j s l g f

shrimp wonton

Xi ́an-style with chili oil, black vinegar and samphire

15 €

x c a l k f


Hakata tonkotsu

Paitan soup with a creamy and unctuous texture. thin straight noodles, pork belly chashu, wood ear mushrooms, homemade beni shoga, chinese cabbage, black sesame
oil and ajitama egg

17 €

x c j s l f

tokyo shoyu

Assari soup with roast chicken, pork and dashi base. wavy noodles, pork belly chashu, wild spinach, roast bamboo shoots, daikon sprouts and ajitama egg

17 €

x c z j s l f


Japanese version of dan dan noodles, nikumiso ground beef, soy bean sprouts, tatsoi and fried leek

17 €

x c z a s l f


Abanico char sui

Iberian pork in a cantonese style barbecue, green apple, karashi mustard

24 €

x s l k g f b

d.i.y. ebi chili taco

Tiger shrimp in tempura nobu-style, roti canai bread and coleslaw

13 €

x v c l k

mock beef nigiri

Raw beef tri tip on soufflé toast, poblano puree, and ginger-scallion sauce

15 €

x v c s f

Dok boki

Sautéed rice cakes, spicy bibim sauce, sautéed squid and micro salad greens

16 €

x z s l g f

mapo eggplant

Chinese eggplant in a szchuan-style spicy and sour sauce

14 €

z s l f


Mochi donut

Variation of the tradicional glutenous rice cake elaborated like a donut with Obrador Grate citrus ice cream

7 €

v c l

Dark chocolate and white miso tart

Black sesame sablé, cherry crumble

7 €

x v c s l f



Asahi super dry

4 €

Kirin Ichiban

4 €

Estrella Galicia Double

3,5 €

Kirin Free 00

3 €


Fritz Cola

3,5 €

Fritz Zero

3,5 €

Water NEA

2,5 €

Sparkling water NEA

2,8 €

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Please advise the manager of your allergens to notify the kitchen, thank you.

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